Accreditation System

The School of Engineering Accreditation System (SOEAS) is a database driven system intended to facilitate the collection of curriculum and assessment information within the School of Engineering (syllabus, learning outcomes, and students' surveys) to be used on accreditation processes (ABET and WASC). The system also helps the school academic support group in generating printed and electronic versions of syllabi for all Engineering classes and the distribution of these information to students, faculty, staff and general public by feeding in real time the School of Engineering websites as information becomes available.

The system is designed for ultimate use by the School of Engineering faculty and staff, with operational oversight and future design enhancements guided by the School of Engineering Curriculum Committee. The intent is for this system and its features to evolve to meet the ongoing needs of the School of Engineering academic community. The content of this system will provide evidence of data for use in developing the accreditation processes.

It is important to recognize that the SOEAS is a mechanism to ensure that faculty involvement in the accreditation process is maximized at all levels, from the determination of the program learning outcomes (PLOs), to the course learning outcomes (CLOs), all the way to important components of the assessment process. After the PLOs have been determined by the faculty of a particular program, all faculty submit data on the ways that their respective courses contribute to the PLOs. Each instructor also defines the CLOs for their own classes, and through the "Faculty Contributions to the Program Mission" forms, each faculty is also responsible for an important component of the assessment effort. The results of this assessment process are compiled instantly in graphic form, and all faculty have access to the results, and therefore can collaborate on the discussions for continuous improvement of the academic programs on campus.

Use and access to specific data and functionality will depend on the user role, and associated permissions and access authority. After a user logs in, his/her access and edit authority will be immediately available based on the role you have been assigned.

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